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The process to develop the Cleveland Parks and Recreation Plan is organized into three components:

Community Needs Assessment

Summer–Fall 2023

In this phase, we aim to find out from residents what needs they and their families have when it comes to parks and recreation and how well they think the current system is meeting those needs.


By leveraging multiple methods of engagement simultaneously and fostering dialogue among the widest possible audience, we’re able to find areas of agreement—those recurring needs and themes that are most important to residents. Areas of disagreement may indicate disparities that could result in different priorities for different neighborhoods. The takeaways from this process will ground and direct the vision, goals, recommendations, and guidelines of the long-range parks and recreation plan.

Long-Range Parks and Recreation Plan

Fall 2023–Spring 2024

Building on the findings of the Community Needs Assessment as well as the City’s existing inventory and assessments, we will create a long-range plan that establishes the vision, goals, recommendations, and tools to streamline decision-making for the City’s parks and recreation system over the next 15 years. 


The public outreach goal of this component is to report back to the community on the Community Needs Assessment, receive feedback on the draft plan, vision, and goals, and continue to foster dialogue with residents about parks and recreation in Cleveland.


Spring–Summer 2024

This component will set the City up for short-term and long-term successes. The Strategic Plan will be clear about what funding is necessary to implement the long-range plan and provide guidance on what funding strategies might be available to close funding gaps. This component will also assemble best practices for implementation, identify early action projects, and help generate momentum for future action and success. 


The public outreach goal of this component is to update the community on the completion of the parks and recreation master plan and any next steps/projects.

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