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We heard from over 1,500 Clevelanders last summer!

Read what we learned in the Community Needs Assessment here. Review the major components of the long-range plan below and provide your feedback!


Cleveland’s dynamic and equitable network of parks and recreational facilities enhances quality of life and the natural environment, preserves and stewards the city’s rich cultural identities, and evolves with the needs of current and future generations of Clevelanders.

Level of Service

Different parts of the city have different levels of access to recreational amenities.

Level of service standards help guide decisions about how many recreational amenities are needed and where.

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Park & Recreation Center Classifications

The classification system is meant to provide guidelines about existing & future park and recreation facility typologies that Cleveland expects to build in the future to meet the needs of current and future residents.

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Design Guidelines

Design guidelines are a road map for refreshing existing parks and recreation facilities and designing new ones.

Design guidelines help ensure that parks and recreation facilities are connected to their surroundings, have a strong community presence, and respect natural systems.

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Policy Framework

The path forward for parks and recreation in Cleveland is captured within a set of goals and actions.

Each goal describes an ideal future for the parks and recreation system and is supported by a set of actions that the City can take to move towards that ideal future.

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